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25-Jan-2018 19:14

van der Veen promise you discretion and relentless representation.

We will fight tirelessly to minimize the negative consequences of a criminal charge.

Know It All Intelligence Group prides itself on providing thorough results for its clients.

We consider even the smallest job to be an integral component to the operational success of our clients’ business. We think the core values listed after each of the services below will make the answer clear to you.

The circumstances of each criminal case are different, making these matters particularly complex.

Attorney van der Veen started his career as a criminal defense lawyer in Chicago, handling drug cases with national attention.

Whether you are hiring an entry-level employee or a high level corporate executive, we have the background screening solution for you. Contact Us to speak with a research specialist who will put together a no-risk employment screening package tailored for your exact hiring needs.When charged with committing a sexual offense like rape, IDSI, statutory sexual assault, guilt or innocence usually hangs on the credibility of the witness. Because there are generally no other witnesses to a sex offense.They often do not occur out on the street for others to see or get caught on video. Whether the complainant is believed or not, is absolutely vital to the case.Premier Philadelphia contract dispute attorneys at The Law Offices of Michael T.

van der Veen bring the same hardworking, innovative approach to business litigation and contract dispute resolution that has made them famous.I’m a mother of a 10-year-old son, a social work administrator (MSW), a novelist and freelance writer, and a community activist who loves hip-hop culture, horror movies, and good bourbon.