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30-Nov-2017 18:13

Granted I used most of this over summer, I love the sweet orange scent. Towards the end I had to force myself to use this up.

The flat angle means it glides on, which makes liquid eyeliner a dream instead of a shaky, uneven nightmare (I used the Catrice Liquid Gel Cushion Eye Liner for €4.59).

I do wipe excess off on the sides of the inside for the perfect amount of product.

It’s nice and fluidy, but doesn’t run all over the place.

I do not even touch my eye and this is something that I have been experiencing with this product.

The product is waterproof and thus you can go to beaches/pools/in rain and still look stylish! • Breaks and flakes after 8 hours and needs to be reapplied.So only oil or oil based makeup removers have to be used for removing the product.