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Cases in point: Key2 (medical diagnostic software), North of Nine (an edgy public relations firm), Gear6 (a website solutions company), Crazy 8 (Gymboree clothing stores), HP Store360 (scale-out software), and 37 Signals (collaboration apps for small business). The meaning or sound may not translate across languages, and you can run into cultural or numerology issues.For example, the word for the number “4” sounds like “death” in Mandarin.We never needed alarm clocks since our bedrooms in the small apartment were we lived were next to each other.

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"Hey, baby," my mother greeted me as she always did as she brushed by me in the hallway that morning, "Get your shower and come-on to breakfast, we're running a little late."Our morning routine had become a well-choreographed dance.

She always took here shower first and we'd exchanged our ritual morning kiss and hello.