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02-Feb-2018 06:58

"If you only focus on photos from the waist up, it can seem like a lie of omission," Davis said.

This photo of Tech Insider deputy tech editor Steve Kovach is great and could definitely be included on his profile.

😀 “What is it like for African-Americans in Saudi Arabia? So, I thought I’d take a moment to answer the questions.

Also, when the photo was taken, I was actually heading outside. ” I frequently receive emails with these types of questions. Not in the sense that I mind answering, but in the sense that it’s a damn shame we still have to learn if someplace is; safe, accepting, tolerant, etc., of black people.

We're all guilty of editing and filtering and editing and filtering and editing again.

I'm really feeling this selfie of mine, but I have never looked the way I look in that picture — not even the day it was taken, honestly.

It definitely isn't a totally realistic photo of me.

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"You will be fined Dhs100 (£16.50)" he squeaked with urgency, displaying another local trait: expat subordination.

Emirates now operates double daily flights to Dubai, using Boeing 777-300s to carry up to 5,040 passengers a week from Dublin. Some Emirates 777-300s continue to use angle lie-flat beds, but most are fully flat, as is case with the aircraft serving Dublin-Dubai.

remake, do the cinema gods a favor and catch up with Sam Peckinpah’s exceptional original.… continue reading »

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I know this has been discussed on the ok cupid thread but that thread is vast and a summary on this specific question would be useful. A quick cold-read of their ethnic background works decently for me at getting replies. Recently I've been accusing them of looking like trouble. Wit plays well regardless, but fine-tuning your messages improve your response rate.… continue reading »

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