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27-Dec-2017 10:56

Appropriately, a few big-dreaming ‘American Idol’ Season 10 contestants show their faces in this video, which is like a ‘Where’s Waldo? Keep an eye out and you’ll spot Casey Abrams, Scotty Mc Creery, Lauren Alaina, and Paul Mc Donald — plus a few others.

But perhaps the best part of this sweet and uplifting video is Matty B’s message to his fans at the end, which is Not only that, but he’s completely on top of his current events game — just a few weeks ago he rapped the royal wedding in a very hilarious way. We know you’ve got more tricks up your little sleeve.

Still, several of Reinhart's fellow contestants with deals on smaller labels remain signed including James Durbin (Wind-Up Records), Abrams (Concord) and Naima Adedapo (Peak).

Most recently, eighth place finalist Paul Mc Donald and his wife, "Twilight" actress Nikki Reed, released an EP via their own label Enzo and Ira Records.

17 spot on the Billboard 200, but failed to pick up much momentum, moving a total of 59,000 copies to date, according to Nielsen Sound Scan.

Compartively, albums by Mc Creery and Alaina, both on Mercury Nashville, far outpaced the bluesy singer's, though Reinhart, an Illinois native, did make "Idol" history as the first show alum to perform at Lollapalooza.

The young innovator welcomed ‘American Idol‘ contestants past and present, as well as judge Steven Tyler, to make a cameo in his adorably inspirational new video.“Climb the mountain that stands for the taking / I can see that you’re a star in the making / This is the reason you were made / Because it always ends in yesterday / So today is the only thing we’re fighting for,” he sings, as he stands against a blue sky.Toscano has previously auditioned for American Idol twice before.She made it through to Hollywood in Season 6, but was eliminated.fever is winding down after crowning its new king, Scotty Mc Creery.

But what of the rest of the finalists we watched sing their hearts out week after week?

More recently, she, along with season 10's Casey Abrams, performed at New York's legendary Carnegie Hall.